Thursday, September 10, 2009

Down By Law:: The Art of the Other Law, Natasha

About a week ago, I blogged about Michael Pollan and casually mentioned he is Tracy Pollan's sister, the wife of actor and Parkinsons activist Michael J. Fox.  Every so often, I've wondered about the siblings of celebrities and the famous, not so much about their lives, but what they "do" vocationally or avocationally.

I remember reading about Natasha Law, Jude Law's sister, years ago.  My relationship to art is for ideas and inspiration, so my take on things is more of a functional one, in terms of the useful.  For example, seeing the Russian icon paintings at the Guggenheim {NY} made me envision a project of visual storytelling and politics.

I've always been drawn to work with pop art monochromatic backgrounds or the use of découpage, so Law's work speaks to me.  I like the fact she uses household paints often on aluminum, which speaks to my interest in a DIY æsthetic {regardless of her intent}, related to my fascination with making the most of cheap, available materials, slightly rooted in a green consciousness.  I've been sort of stuck in a rut with an "orange cat" découpage series, which are made of cardboard using cheap cadmium orange acrylic and occupying the top of a fridge in Toronto.  I'm trying to figure out what the next "layer" will be, both visually and conceptually, as I'm looking to juxtapose these flat cutouts with a modular set of expressions, both psychological and cultural.

Law's work, some of it is here on the 
eleven gallery site, is giving me some ideas.  Natasha Law's work has been likened to two Toms, postermaker Purvis and Wesselmann the painter.   Not surprising, her background is in graphic art and she has done work in fashion illustration and runway design (for former sister-in-law Sadie Frost}.  Some might dismiss Law as a neo-Nagel, but the gaze is different.  Nagel's subjects are objects, while Law's subjects are the objectified.  Nagel presents sexuality on a platter, while Law is often much more subtle.  Her depictions and the body language portrayed oftentime evoke a longing and loneliness along the lines of Larry Sultan's photography.

Images::  Top:: Untitled {2009} ink and gloss paint on paper 12 x 8 in / 30 x 21 cm, Bottom:: unknown.
Twitterversion::  Jude Law's sister, Natasha Law, creates sexy imagery with a certain minimalism. Does her work subvert the objectifying gaze? @Prof_K

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