Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hey, Where's the Bay Bridge Going?

The San Francisco Bay Bridge is going to be closed in a few hours for the Labour Day weekend.  I was around for the last closure and was on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge to go to Point Reyes and while traffic was heavy, it wasn't unbearable.  There's a site on the closure and a not-too-exciting Twitter update.  There's an interesting {to me} video on the website on what Caltrans is doing and why the bridge is closing, i.e., putting a temporary roadway in place so a new approach to Treasure/Yerba Buena Islands can be built.

I was digging around the UT archives for old Bay Area maps.  Here's what the bridge situation was in 1915::

The Bay Bridge wouldn't be completed for twenty years, opening in 1936.  The Golden Gate would open a year later.  This got me thinking of how development has been shaped by these bridges.  I've always been interested in how geography and geology have played a role in the development of cities.  I'm working on an art project exploring that.  LA has hills and mountains that get in the way, but there are vast expanses of flat lowlands, which is perfect for sprawl.

Those taking off early, have a good Labour Day in Canada and the US.  I'll be working through it...watching the US Open here and there and posting an occasional blog.

Twitterversion::  #SanFrancisco Bay Bridge closure over #LabourDay weekend starts in less than 6 hours. Found old pre-bridge map of the city from 1916. @Prof_K

Song::  Dee Dee Part 1 - Bridge Underwater

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