Wednesday, September 02, 2009

a n a c h r o n i s t i c :: Toronto

pastitcio 2009
8 maps of Toronto across spacetime.
done with Gimp on my Macbook 2.2

  1. Grand Trunk Railroad Terminus at the Old Fort York
  2. Planetware map of Downtown Toronto, Baedeker
  3. Google satellite map
  4. Southwest part of York, from Digital McGill Library
  5. York Survey map, circa 1818 1793
  6. GuideToronto map.
  7. Historical 1894 map of Toronto, University of Texas Library
  8. Historical 1898 of Toronto map scanned here.
Twitterversion::  Pastiche of maps {#mapshup?} of #Toronto that does violence to spacetime. Not to scale and for novelty purposes only.  @Prof_K


Anonymous said...

Great map! Let me know if you'd like other bits of my map; I plan to photograph it all at a much higher resolution soon.

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

@catenary:: Thanks for the kudos. I look forward to seeing more of that great map of yours. the joys of eBay. cheers.

Jessica Mak said...

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