Monday, September 21, 2009

newmusicmonday #10a & 10b:: Saturdays Look Good to Me & Pont Des Arts

Saturdays Look Good to Me
The 10th week of newmusicmonday is an homage to late summer.  I'm not sure what's going on with Michigan-based Saturday Looks Good to Me [bio].  I heard them on the local college indie station, KALX, which I've blogged about, but they haven't updated their site or MySpace in quite some time.  The 2004 "All Over Town" is jangly 60s-influenced sunny pop confection with the lyrics calling out a no-good bastard::
"Did you think that I missed it/Just because I keep my number unlisted?/I can see your lies/Moving through the summer breeze  
And now the night sky is breathing/While all of your followers are leaving/Don't you know by now/That they only come to leave?"
 All Over Town (LP Version) - Saturday Looks Good To Me

Pont des Arts
Next up is the Missasauga, Ontario {in the GTA by Pearson/YYZ} band, Pont des Arts.  I love the fact that they used The Archies footage in their recent video for "Halos."  The FAQ on the YouTube channel is brilliant::

Why The Archies?  
Cause we think Betty and Veronica are cute. (although the debate continues as to which one is cuter) Personally, I'm firmly in the Betty camp (she wields a mean tambourine)
How come you guys are never in your videos? 
Because we're unspeakably gruesome, that's why. 
Where can we find you two, to sign autographs? 
What is a Pont des Arts? 
It's a "pedestrian only" bridge in Paris 
Why the secrecy ? No pictures, no bios? 
The lead guitarist is JD Salinger"

Easy breezy, fo' sheezy.  I'm thinking of late summer and chilling or strolling around town with the iPod and not a care in the world.  Evocative of one of my early 90s faves, Saint Etienne, this CBC Radio 3 find is a duo consisting of Hugh Little {Lead Guitar, Vocals, Various Instruments, Pug} & Barry Keighley {Lead Vocals, Guitars, Other Instruments, Model Tanks}.  In the 6-degrees-of-Canadian-indie game, they listed their faves as Toronto-based I am Robot and Proud and Truth Panel.  You can follow Pont des Arts' Tweets here and there are three tracks here on Virb.  I'll post any info. I receive on the "Halos" EP and/or forthcoming tour dates.

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