Monday, September 28, 2009

newmusicmonday #11:: Pilot Speed

Pilot Speed, hailing from Toronto, has been around most of the 2000s.  Their sound is polished, which isn't something I tend to gravitate towards, but interspersed with the introspective lyrics are pop soundscape hooks.  I must admit I tend to struggle with bands with an "expansive" sound, so it's saying something that this works for me.  I can hear where the comparisons to Radiohead are coming from, which is something else I tend to struggle with and I feel does a band more a disservice than anything, but overlook in this case.  "Put The Phone Down" draws you in with its infectious chorus, interesting soundbites, and and impassioned pleas.

Their earlier sound and songs has been characterized as epic, characterized by their earlier work as Pilate, such as
"Into Your Hideout" from 2004. The video won an MuchMusic award for independent video::

The somber lyrics for "Alright" with a slowmotion melodrama lends itself to...introspection.

The music isn't depressing, it's just not feel-good-candy.

Pilot Speed is about to embark on a short tour in the West and in the prairies.  I wasn't in Toronto for the free Toronto show at Yonge & Dundas on 18 Sept. mentioned on Twitter.

Twitterversion::  #NewMusicMonday #TorontoIndie @pilotspeed offers up solid pop w/expansive sound. On #Canada tour in West & Sask. @Prof_K

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