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Newmusicmonday #8:: Julie Fader

My original choice for this week's "newmusicMonday" was Michelle Harding, a Torontonian in LA, who is probably just about to break out.  CBC Radio 3 featured her and if airplay in Canada can filter down into the US and on influential stations like KCRW, it might be on to being featured on Gray's Anatomy or Gossip Girl.  Mike McCreedy already gave her a shout-out on HuffPo, so I think she'll do fine.

Those who know me know that CBC Radio 3 and indie music sites and blogs are like sifting through the import bins at record stores when I was an adolescent.  Often moved by album art or a write-up in NME or SPIN, not to mention looking for labels like Rough Trade, Factory, Les Disques du Crépusçule, and {sigh, yes} ZTT, such experimentation was costly and I became keenly aware of import duties and an advocate of freer trade.  Enough of the 80s.
This week, my pick is the folksy Julie Fader {MyS}, featured on CBC Radio 3.  Gleaning from this Maximum Fun interview {Chris Bowman}, it turns out that Julie started out playing the flute.  I never admit this to anyone, but I would try to play the synth and horn parts of The Cure's "Close to Me" on a B&W flutophone {just like the one to the left}, so I sort of have a soft spot for the instrument.  As a kid, Fader would play the melody lines from Neil Young songs who now is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter who has been playing with the likes of the Chad Van Gaalen band, the Great Lake Swimmers, and the Sarah Harmer band.  On Tuesday {8 Sept.}, she'll be releasing her own album for Hand Drawn Dracula, Outside In.  In EyeWeekly, she mentions how her vocal stylings are rooted in her flautist background and I think I'm drawn to her music because of her keen sense of melody.  The album has an impressive roster of talent, including Chad VanGaalen, Tony Dekker {Great Lake Swimmers}, Brian Borcherdt {Holy Fuck}, Sarah Harmer, and Justin Rutledge.  Her boyfriend, Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck, produced the album and added instrumentation.  There is a lush sound to the tracks, four of which are streamed on her MySpace Music page.  In the Chris Bowman blog interview, she recounts her lyric writing process::
"I’m not constantly writing but I’m definitely chipping away at songs and melodies all the time. Recently, I’d say almost more than writing the songs, I’ve been going through the books that I write in while I’m traveling. That’s where a lot of my lyrics come from, just the random entries in to a book. It’s not a journal like, 'Today I went for a walk in Brussels.' I don’t write anything like that. It’s the random thought process stuff that I write. It’s a combination of spontaneous writing and poetry or something that I can revisit and start viewing melodically and then it becomes a song."
Perhaps what resonates so much with the music is that it has what I call a cinematic feel to it.  More precisely, it had a cinematic pastiche, which is crafted in a natural, not overly-processed way.  It creates a mental visual that's integrated with voice, arrangements, and poetry.  I think the standout track is her "Goodbye Before Hello," telling a somber tale with a wistfulness among the instrumental layers.  "Flights" also draws you into her storytelling, making one contemplate the experience of jetting not as one of chit-chat with a "single serving friend," but as one of introspection.

The album will be available from the Hand Drawn Dracula site and available in Toronto at Soundscapes.  I'm really hoping she gets noticed by the indie gatekeepers in the US.

Video:: PP Montréal 2008::

Selected Tour Dates-Full Listing

Sep 9 2009 8:00P DAKOTA TAVERN - JULIE FADER - Early Show!!! TORONTO
Sep 17 2009 9:00P The Drake - JULIE FADER - Hand Drawn Dracula showcase TORONTO
Sep 19 2009 8:00P Church of the Redeemer (playing in Chad VanGaalen band) TORONTO
Sep 27 2009 8:00P Media Club - SOLO - tour w/Library Voices & In-Flight Safety VANCOUVER 
Oct 1 2009 8:00P O Patro Vys - JULIE FADER - POP MONTREAL - Hand Drawn Dracula showcase MONTREAL
Oct 15 2009 8:00P The Rio Theatre (playing in the Chad VanGaalen band) VANCOUVER
Oct 20 2009 8:00P Petit Campus - SOLO - tour w/ Library Voices & In-Flight Safety MONTREAL 
Oct 21 2009 8:00P Living room - SOLO - tour w/ Library Voices & In-Flight Safety KINGSTON
Oct 29 2009 8:00P El Mocambo -w/Library Voices & In-Flight Safety TORONTO
Oct 30 2009 8:00P Live Lounge w/ Library Voices & In-Flight Safety OTTAWA 

Twitterversion:: #Newmusicmonday blog:: #TorontoIndie artist @JulieFader new album {8Sept} weaves lush instrumentals,melody & vocals. @Prof_K

Songs:: Player on MySpace with "Walking & Talking," Goodbye Before Hello," "Flights," & "Skin & Bones."

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