Monday, September 14, 2009

Newmusicmonday #9:: The Zolas & Sous Les Pavés, La Plage!

The Zolas {MySpace} hail from Vancouver, BC and I'm finding myself drawn to their alt/progressive pop drawing from multiple genres and decades.  Another CBC Radio 3 find, The Zolas consist of Zach Gray and Tom Dobrzanski, longtime collaborators since their grade 9 choirboy days,  and three years ago established themselves as Lotus Child.

Their "You're Too Cool" {IMEEM} makes reference to The Biltmore Cabaret, a Mt. Pleasant hipster hangout that was in the übermarginal HoJo hotel I was staying at when I visited the Beat Cop Poet last May.  Their forthcoming album on 604 Records, Tic Toc Tic, will be out shortly {will update the release date when I find out}, but the band was too impatient to keep their stuff under wraps, so there's an MP3 download for "You're Too Cool" here.

Their layered sound is complex, yet catchy with smart lyrics and creative arrangements, which go far on this blog.  I love how they juxtapose their pop with lyrics that can grow dark.  Plus, you have to love a band that puts Sous les pavés, la plage! on their MySpace.

Here's a live performance of Marlaina Kamikaze {IMEEM}::

On their Facebook page, they posted this non-music video on the wildlife of interior {presumably}Vancouver::

Twitterversion:: @TheZolas hailing fr. #Vancouver w/complex,layered, yet accessible sound that mixes genres&decades.New album forthcoming. @Prof_K

Song::  The Great Collapse - The Zolas

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