Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Old iMac g4:: Always on My Mind

I live/work in a tiny space in California, which suits me just fine.  It does mean I need to be careful about accumulating stuff, because there's simply no room to spare in the 250 square feet {23.2257 m²}.  Being "fail" prone when it comes to computers {viruses, catastrophes, calamities, & comedies}, I've often liked the idea of having a spare, which usually meant a desktop system.

So, enter Craigslist.  Down in Los Gatos, I think the Spanish land grant name was Rinconada de Los Gatos/Corner of the Cats, due to mountain lion sightings, there was an iMac g4 for sale for $150.  It sounds like it's this model.  The ad had a link to this ad for the g4 I hadn't seen before::

I also find the iTunes overlay ad for the music that pops up to be interesting, as well.  I've always been a sucker for the g4 & even wrote about it's similarity to Pixar's Luxo Jr. in a case I wrote in 2003.

Way back in early 2002, the g4 was deemed as a innovative design with good utilitarian features, as well.  It was a Time cover story to boot.

I don't need a iMac g4, so I'll probably pass on it.  I still think it looks cool, but I think this is all a case of shopping therapy on a lazy Saturday.

Twitterversion::  newblogpost:: In my small space, I don't need any more crap/clutter. So, why do I still want an ancient #iMac g4?  @Prof_K

Song:: Always on My Mind (Demo Version) - Pet Shop Boys

Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson

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