Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Organic Farmers' Market Haul!

On Tuesday, there's an organic farmers' market on Derby St. {near MLK} in Berkeley, sponsored by the  Ecology Center.  I was hoping to catch an organic farmer there regarding a sustainable agriculture project, but she wasn't there yesterday, so I'll try another time.  The market itself is pretty narrow and I get claustrophobic, so while I had my camera, it was a bit much to snap pictures and shop at the same time.  So, it's early autumn in the Bay Area, so here's what I got, starting at 6 o'clock and going counterclockwise::
  • strawberries-sweet and methyl bromide free
  • sunburst squash-for veggie tacos later in the week
  • dry farmed tomatoes- for veggie tacos and guacamole
  • yellow squash- ideas other than grilled veggies???
  • zucchini - for lasagne filling and grilled veggies
  • sweet corn - so sweet you don't have to cook it
  • cilantro - for homemade salsa {but I forgot the tomatillos}
  • sweet red pepper
  • supersweet honeydew
  • eggplant {centre} ideas other than grilled veggies???
  • mission figs {I've eaten so many my tongue is numb & I'm talking with a lisp}
At the Berkeley Bowl on Friday, I got quinces to make cotognata for my mom and quite a few avocados for guacamole.  Plus, a Walla Walla sweet onion, the type which a Eugene, OR newscaster bit into like an apple to prove its mildness, making me a true believer in all things sweet onion.  All of this made me think of my friend Nance who volunteered at an organic farm in Westchester County, NY this summer.  Oh, to be in "Riverside" at the end of October.

In Toronto, I recall looking over the peaches and nectarines last year at Riverdale in Riverdale Park West.  I hope the Linnyqat gets the nectarines {no fuzzies} there before the season is over, which is late this year. Link to blog entry on the foodshed o' the 'Ront.

So, any squash or eggplant recipe ideas would be greatly appreciated.  We're in an experimental mood here on the left coast.

Twitterversion:: Farmers' Mkt. haul fr. Derby St. Organic Farmers' Mkt in #Berkeley,Calif. Recipes 4 zucchini & eggplant? BTW, I ♥ Hem. @Prof_K


Kenneth M. Kambara said...

My studio apartment/office here smells amazing now. I also harvested rosemary from the yard here.

terri larson said...

ken, have you tried the saturday farmer's market in berkeley civic center? it's incredible, all organic with a huge number of farmers and other vendors. i have a good recipe for baba ganouj. i'll send it to you in an email.

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

@terri:: thanks for the baba ganouj recipe. I haven't been to that FM in years. maybe 2005 or 2006 + I miss it. let me know if you've ever heading there. my saturday FM was Grand Lake in Oakland and El Cerrito way back in 2002. I remember this one woman at a Grand Lake stall doing the hard sell on "lovemaking" oils when I was there w/ a girlfriend. maybe she knew something I didn't. nah, I think she was just a crank.

fredsbreakfast said...

ken -- uhh, farmers' markets are really all about sightseeing for hippies. you can always get all that same organic food at a regular grocery store or maybe a fancy one like john mackey's. but - going to farmers' markets is a sightseeing adventure. soo - what do you report? terri and i saw some excellent examples of hippie two weeks ago at the berkeley farmers' market at civic center plaza in berkeley ... male and female specimens. some children hippies too. by the way ... tomatoes are three pounds per dollar on mission street all week long this week. looked good too. really. terri says they have extra chemicals too -- no charge.

fred strauss said...

that's a pretty cool pic, by the way. can we commenters post pics after - subsequent to - yours, of our own 'market hauls'? would it be fun to see others' hauls, and compare and relate and share? or would it just lead to greed and envy and covetousness?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ken-

It's me, Snag, Linds's copine from quebec. Have you tried making squash ravioli? Oh my, they're good. And they impress. There's a ton of recipes online, the easiest to check out is the foodwishes youtube recipe demo. But I use ricotta instead of mascarpone.
Say, I'm happy to have discovered your blog. Wow. Your socio-eco (eco-socio?) and sustainable ag posts really interest me. I'll keep reading. Good luck with your in-betweens and comings and goings--the geographic ones, I mean.
Big hug,
from the ultra-ecolo enclave, Sutton, Quebec