Saturday, September 26, 2009

«sans oublier amour... j'espère que tu t'épanouiras en trouvant ton bonheur»

It sounded like they were on a first date.  She was trying to be interesting and he was trying to be cool.  Their conversation was like sing-song bird chatter amongst the far-off clanks of kitchen sounds.  I think I was drinking capirinhas that evening a few tables away.  The weather was turning crisp that week, in that year of election.  I would hear Edwards take on Cheney on the radio in St. Mark's Bookstore.  I wonder if they made it to Halloween.

12 October 2004
49 Clinton St., Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY, US 10002
Title:: "Without forgetting love... I hope you will bloom when you find happiness"

Twitterversion:: the photo wayback machine. october 2004, nyc. first date? a spy in the house of shrugs. @Prof_K

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