Friday, September 11, 2009

The The:: The Beat{en} Generation w/Johnny Marr {1989}

I've been thinking about 20 years ago, 1989, which in retrospect was a watershed time.  I remember following the career of Johnny Marr post-Smiths and how he was working with all sorts of artists, ranging from Bryan Ferry to Kirsty MacColl, who would turn out to be one of my favourite artists in the early to mid-1990s, after finding out about her through Marr.  {MacColl wrote and performed her own version of "They Don't Know {1979} #2UK," a hit for Tracy Ullman in 1983 #2UK/#8US, which had a video featuring Paul McCartney.}  Despite

Despite the Tiananmen Square protests in June and unrest in the then-Eastern bloc, I didn't get a sense that the geopolitical world was really changing until 1990.  I remember being in San Rafael, California in the summer, drinking coffee in a hotel room and happy that I had a cassette player in my car and a way to plug in my clunky Sony Discman to the stereo.  Those were the big cares of the day--listening to CDs in the car.  That road trip, I had The The CD for Mind Bomb and Jesus & Mary Chain's Psychocandy.

The year 1989 also makes me think of the film, Goodbye Lenin {2003}::

Twitterversion:: Reminiscing about 1989, being in #SanRafael n. of #SanFrancisco listening to #MattJohnson's #TheThe feat. #JohnnyMarr.  @Prof_K

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