Friday, September 11, 2009

The Ting Tings:: Music & the Ad

The Ting Tings were on a repeat of Last Call with Carson Daly.  I forgot to make the connection to the iPod commercial::

I'm not sure if their performance of "That's Not My Name" here will work outside the US without a proxy server ::

Here's a link to the music video on YouTube.  The Ting Tings are an "unintentional" band, started in 2007, consisting of Jules De Martino {vocals, guitars, bass drum} and Katie {vocals, drums, electronics}.  The name comes from a boutique colleague of Katie's who was Chinese with the name, Ting { ?}, which, in Mandarin can mean "band stand."  I'll defer to Mandarin any speakers out there.

Catchy pop, but I should have known.  It was vetted by the creatives at Chiat/Day.

Twitterversion::  #Music_and_theAd #TingTings on #LastCallwithCarsonDaly reminded me of #iPod ad w/"Shut Up & Let Me Go" @Prof_K

Song::  We Started Nothing - The Ting Tings

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linnyqat said...

Happy to report Canadians can see it. Indeed, catchy. Suspiciously slick, tho.