Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tips & Tricks:: Resizing Windows XP Harddrive on a Mac w/ VMWare Fusion

System::  Macbook 2.2 Core 2 Duo {Santa Rosa}, 4GB/500GB on Snow Leopard {OS X 10.6} with VM Ware Fusion Version 2.0.5 (173382) running Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 2
Problems::  Getting low disk space errors in Windows XP Professional {XPP}.  Originally used XPP on the Mac to, on very rare occasion,  run browsers for Windows for testing and statistical software {LISREL, SmartPLS, & UCInet/NetDraw} on a relatively small partition of 12GB on my original Macbook HD of 120GB.  I later added MS Office 2003 Win & Adobe CS1, so I started to run out of room.  I used the VMWare Fusion{VIRTUAL MACHINE/HARD DISK} tools to resize the XPP hard drive to 25GB, but when I checked, the properties of the C drive was still at 12GB.  Here's what the help menu says::

I shut down my virtualization of XPP {VIRTUAL MACHINE/SHUT DOWN ___} I chose pre-allocate disk space.

Diagnosis::  I successfully resized the XPP hard drive {C: drive}, but I needed to increase the size of the partition.  As it stood, I had my original partition and 13GB of unallocated space.
Zero-cost Fix::  Easy enough.  I did a search and detailed information is on the VMWare community.  Here are the steps, borrowing heavily from the link cited::
  1. Open VM Ware Fusion, shut down the XPP virtualization, & delete all snapshots. {Under VIRTUAL MACHINE menu:: SHUT DOWN & SNAPSHOTS}
  2. Resize the hard drive under {VIRTUAL/HARD DRIVE} to desired GB
  3. Download & install the EASEUS free software from this link::  {More info from Lifehacker}
  4. Install EASEUS Partition Master in Windows XPP
  5. Start EASEUS Partition Master from alias/shortcut on desktop or from the programs in the Windows XPP Start menu
  6. Resize your partition to take up the existing space, grab the separator between your "C:" drive and Unallocated and slowly drag the separator to the right to take over all Unallocated space::
7.  Click Apply to save this change
8.  In the Apply Changes confirmation dialog, click 
9.  EASEUS requires that you restart to finalize the partition resize, so click Yes in the confirmation dialog to restart the virtual machine.
10.  When EASEUS reboots the VM, do NOT touch the keyboard.  I did this & had to do it over.  Pressing any key will abort the changes.
11.  After 10 seconds, EASEUS will finalize the resize of the partition in text mode and then restart the virtual machine when complete.  Windows will boot to the desktop and after a short period Windows will recognize the newly configured hard drive as new hardware, the larger hard drive, is now available. You need to restart Windows for the resized disk to be available.
12.  When Windows XP reboots, go the Start Menu and select My Computer. Select your updated hard drive {C: drive} and notice that the size is now updated to your desired size.
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