Monday, October 19, 2009

iDon't:: music & the attack-ad

This ad has been making the rounds during the MLB playoffs.  Someone said it's iPhone meets District 9, starting with the catchiness of indie pop well-known at Chiat-Day juxtaposed with the stark & dark futuristic imagery of Droid.  It's an interesting attack ad execution for Verizon, highlighting iPhone's faults, but I wonder if it's too "high concept" for a launch.  It caught my eye and ear, getting me to find out more info. online, but will others follow suit or be primed for the launch in November?  I think the Motorola offering really needs to dazzle in order to make a dent.

Twitterversion::  Verizon pokes fun at ChiatDay #Apple ads with #iDont campaign.  #Music&theAd starts out indiepop & disses iPhone, but turns dark. Effective?

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