Monday, October 05, 2009

newmusicmonday #12:: Ania Ziemirska

I love the voice of Toronto-based folksy singer-songwriter Ania Ziemirska {MyS}, described in her bio. on CBC Radio3 as "whiskey and honey," which is quite apt.

There are 4 teaser tracks on her MySpace Music page for a 6-song EP, "I Was the Girl."  The player on ReverbNation also has an extra track, "Satisfied." She performs regularly in Parkdale at Café Taste.

Upcoming tour dates::

oct 10 2009
liberty bistro
toronto (liberty village)
oct 16 2009
ocff - crowne plaza hotel 1716
ottawa, ontario
oct 28 2009
cafe taste
toronto, ontario
oct 30 2009
rockie raccoons - hallowe’en show! boooo!
toronto, ontario
jan 24 2010
cadillac lounge - songwriters expo
toronto, ontario
feb 6 2010
cameron house - girls girls girls
toronto, ontario

Twitterversion::  #newmusicmonday features #Toronto-based whiskey&honey-voiced @aniazmusic {Ania Ziemirska}. #TorontoIndie  @Prof_K

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