Tuesday, October 27, 2009

newmusicmonday #14:: Jupiter One

So, I made it out to Westchester County taking in a perfect autumn week.  On Sunday, I made it out to the Grounds for Sculpture, out in Hamilton, NJ {nr. Trenton}.  I strongly recommend it.  I strongly recommend not going to the restaurant, Rats.

Newmusicmonday has drifted into newmucictuesday, but I wanted to feature a band from the area.  This week's offering, Jupiter One {MySpace, YouTube}, is thanks to WFUV.  Jupiter One has a new album, Sunshower, and is currently on tour with Regina Spektor.  Hailing from Brooklyn, Jupiter One offers up catchy synthpop and gamers may recognize their music from several EA titles.  I'm a big fan of Volcano::

"Flaming Arrow" is another great track with an interesting anime-esque video::

I predict this band is going places and may become ubiquitous in popculture  like Phoenix {in the sense of being used on TV shows and in commercials}, another synth-friendly band playing homage to 80s "new wave," but with strong guitar work.  I'd put Malajube from Montréal, Québec in this musical genre, as well.  Countdown {below} is another great track, but from their eponymous 2008 release.  See discography.

Twitterversion::  @jupiterone is this week's #newmusicmonday. #brooklynindie synthpop band-new album w/strong tracks evoking #80s newwave. http://url.ie/2psq

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