Monday, November 30, 2009

music & the Ad:: Amazon Kindle & Annie Little

Update:: 19 April 2010 5:14AM EDT, the second Annie Little stop-motion Kindle ad is here.

Annie Little {MySp} stars in this Amazon Kindle ad and sings the song, "Fly Me Away."  Indie chic is spreading like a virus in the sector.  The full song {2:17} is available for download in the US {not Canada} here for free.  Annie and two collaborators, photographer Angela Kohler and production partner Ithyle Griffiths, submitted an ad in an Amazon Kindle video contest.  The team won the audience and Amazon jury prize.

Twitterversion:: #MusicAndTheAd blog. New #Amazon #Kindle ads feat. video contest winner {team incl. ex-model-turned-singer @annielittle}. @Prof_K


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