Monday, November 23, 2009

newmusicmonday #18:: monday morning videos:: Krista Muir, Colin Munroe, & Amy Millan

Last week, I stumbled on a Montréal station on the Rogers Cable lineup here in Toronto.  CJNT serves up indie Canadian videos in the late afternoon, which is great since music television tends not to show that many music videos anymore.

I found this minimalist Krista Muir {Montréal} {MySpace} song to be pretty catchy::

Krista, AKA Lederhosen Lucil, and I share a fondness of the Pet Shop Boys, which I must admit I find hard to explain.  I love the album art on her 2008 Accidental Railway::
which speaks to my urbanist fantasies and love of maps.  The songs {at times, bilingual} are accessible with hints of melancholy, making it right up my alley.

She has three upcoming dates in Montréal.

The next selection is Colin Munroe's video for his cover of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" {embedding disabled}:: {updated video, 18 January 2010}::

I really liked the original back when it came out, as well as the U2 album War.  I find U2 songs tough to listen to these days and my interest in U2 and Bono withered away after the Joshua Tree album.  Colin, originally from North Gower, Ontario now is in Toronto.  Some may know Colin from his cover of Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" that went viral.  Video link.

Arts & Crafts darling, Amy Millan {Montréal} {A&C; MyS} is the last selection with her melancholy "Skinny Boy"::

Twitterversion::  #newmusicmonday showcases 3 Canadian indie artists' videos seen on CJNT-Montréal. @Prof_K

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