Monday, November 30, 2009

Newmusicmonday #19:: monday evening videos:: The Hidden Cameras

This will have to be quick, as I'm working on a document that's due tomorrow.  The Officer M. gave a recco. for The Hidden Cameras and I finally got around to checking them out.  They're on Arts & Crafts and Joel Gibb's band has gone through a bit of a shift on the latest album.  Gibb once coined the Music of the Cameras as "gay church folk music."  Pitchfork characterized their older material as "jubilant," which I suppose "Death of a Tune" fits the bill as:

I love the quirky animation in that video, along with the music's orchestrations.  "He Falls to Me" is on the current album, Origin: Orphan, the band's fifth album.

Here's another video, this one for "In the NA," which has a business office set in a field.  Dandelion -Mifflin?::

They are currently on tour and will be in Toronto at the Opera House on 5 December 2009 at 8PM with Gentlemen Reg.

Twitterversion:: #newmusicmonday blog feat. #Toronto band @hidden_cameras {TO show:5Dec}. More "serious" sound on new album. #TorontoIndie @Prof_K

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Officer Mazaltoff said...

I've heard they put on quite a show. Sadly, I missed seeing them when they were here last week.