Friday, November 06, 2009

newmusicmonday-ish #15:: Elizabeth & the Catapult

I wish I had more time to spend in NYC/Westchester, but who wouldn't?  I strongly recommend the Sweet Grass Grill in Sleepy Hollow.  I had the American bison burger, washed down with a Brooklyn Oktoberfest.  Speaking of recommendations, my friend {Nance} from the area texted me to check out Brooklyn-based Elizabeth & the Catapult's "Taller Children."  {MySpace Music}

This is well-crafted pop with a smart sound.  Their début album, also titled Taller Children {$9.99 US AMZN/ $14.99 CAN}, was produced by Mike Mogis, who has worked with the likes of Rilo Kiley.  It would be easy to lump the music into a genre of melodious pop with female vocals like the Postmarks, the Submarines, or the Bird and the Bee, which I'm a fan of, I think each has a distinct signature when it comes to their arrangements.  Elizabeth and the Catapult's cover of Cohen's "Everybody Knows" has some great guitar work and drumming {the sound isn't great on this video of a live Boston performance, although I like it more than the album version}::

The band is currently on tour, with several dates in California {25 Nov.-Hermosa Beach, 27 Nov,-Pomona, 28 Nov.-W. Hollywood, 29 Nov.-SF@GAMH}, as well as a date in my old home of Eugene on 1 December.  In January, they have a date in Clinton,  {upstate} NY @The Barn on the 28th.

One of my favourite tracks is "Race You" {below} and I hope I can catch them live one of these days.

Twitterversion::  Belated #Newmusicmonday post on #BrooklynIndie Elizabeth & @thecatapult. New album & tour. Video clips,incl. Cohen cover.  @Prof_K


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