Friday, November 13, 2009

newmusicmonday-ish #16:: Paper Lions

I've been under the weather this week.  No H1N1 for me.  Just a pesky garden variety cold.  In any case, maybe "newmusicmonday" should be "newmusicfriday" from now on.

This week's instalment has been on my radar for a few weeks now.  The Paper Lions hail from Prince Edward Island and are currently on tour.  In fact, they are playing down at the Horseshoe tonight with Young Galaxy {a Montréal band I'll be blogging about in the future} and The Junction {from Brampton} {13 November} and a free concert for The Edge 102.1 tomorrow at 8:30pm.  On their bios, it says their music defies genres.  Sometimes that can be the kiss of death if the sound doesn't quite gel on individual songs or across the whole œuvre, but it does works with Paper Lions on both counts.  Some might call this "art rock."  It's smart indie pop that rocks without sounding like the standard issue generic indie band, so coveted by directors on Fox Searchlight projectsor so it seems.

I'm a big fan of "Queen Charlotte of the Hyenas"::

"Criminal" is a somber song with a bit of jangly pop thrown into the mix.

"What If"has some great guitar work::

Twitterversion::  Another belated #Newmusicmonday.  @PaperLions in #Toronto tonight and tomorrow night. Art rock done propah! @Prof_K

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