Monday, November 23, 2009

The Northern Riviera

For a few years, I've lamented how Ontario's lakeshore just isn't quite the same as the ocean.  So, for a few years now, I've had this harebrained notion of creating and marketing a development on Ontario's oceanfront—on the James and Hudson Bays.  It's one thing to have a cabin in Muskoka, but quite another to be enjoying the sea breezes off of the Hudson Bay.  Never mind the ice floes.

Imagine my surprise when I was going through old Macleans magazines before recycling them, reading an article on Carp, Ontario {home of the Diefenbunker} discussing how it's a "fly-in community"::
"There are currently more than 600 fly-in communities in North America. And while most are located in warm-weather states like Florida, Texas and Arizona, Phillips says the model has proven successful in cities with climates similar to Ottawa's, including Chicago and New York."
 The article goes into the details of WestCapital's Tailwind Estates, a 1,000 acre, 326 home community centred around Carp's airport::
"Tailwind home prices range from $300,000 for a bungalow on an outer lot to $500,000 and up for large estates on a runway-accessible piece of land. Residents will be charged fees to cover common elements (bike paths, parks) and an annual operations fee, projected at $150. Before West Capital took over the Carp airport in 2005, it was losing $250,000 a year, says Phillips. Under WCD's control, the airport is already breaking even and a new terminal was opened last September."
The niche market for Tailwind consists of frequent business travellers and aviation enthusiasts.  So, why not set something up on the Hudson shoreline?  Perhaps right by Polar Bear Provincial Park {website}.  On the Québec side, there could be the Côte du Nord.  No matter what, one's vacation home can be at the front door of global warming's advances.  A few years back I was at a development on Tomales Bay in California, Dillon Beach, which had a logo of a bear with a surfboard::

I think you can see where I'm going, logowise.

OK, so it might be a stretch to sell oceanfront cottage property 700 miles/1,100 km from Toronto, but it is unspoiled coastal wilderness with a better chance of a maul than a mall.

Top Image:: Rolf Hicker, photographer-website.

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Officer Mazaltoff said...

when can i move in?

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

Should I put you down for an oceanfront bungalow or an estate on the Polar Bear Links golf course?

Officer Mazaltoff said...

Can I get both?