Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Band Aid + 25

Image::  Bob Geldof {front left}, Paul Weller {front right}, JT Taylor {back left}, and Phil Collins {back right} in "Do They Know It's Christmas" video {1984}.  Click for larger image.

One thing that makes you feel old is seeing footage from your youth and seeing how young everyone looked, back in the day.  I had that feeling when I saw the "Do They Know It's Christmas" video again for the first time in years::

I don't recall Band Aid II or Band Aid 20, which isn't too surprising, given there was relatively little buzz outside the UK for these projects.

I also missed Pulp's 2002 parody, "Bad Cover Version".

The original Band Aid "supergroup" was founded by Bob Geldof {Boomtown Rats} and Midge Ure {Ultravox}, with the objective of raising funds for famine relief in Ethiopia.  The 1984 version of "Do They Know It's Christmas" would raise £8M for charity.  I recall hearing about the standoff with the British government at the time.  According to Wikipedia::
"Geldof appeared on Mike Read's BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show to promote the record and promised that every penny would go to the cause. This led to a stand-off with the British Government which refused to waive the VAT (sales tax) on the sales of the single. Geldof made the headlines by publicly standing up to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and, sensing the strength of public feeling, the government backed down and donated the tax back to the charity."
On that note, I leave you with the English Beat's "Stand Down Margaret"::

Twitterversion::  Reminiscing about Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas" 25 years later, which raised £9M for famine relief.  @Prof_K

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