Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day

...was actually yesterday, but here in Canada, the retailers have extended it to Boxing Week {the 26th. through 31st. of December}, which has been compared to "black Friday" in the US.  So, the frenzy is on and the expectations are high for Canadian retailers, given higher consumer confidence.  There's an expected jump in Boxing Week Internet sales, but while the crowds were out for the sales in Toronto, the Toronto Star notes that the bottom-line may be a wash::
"Analysts were expecting Boxing Day to be a big day for retailers. But Deloitte Canada analyst Duncan Stewart cautioned that while Boxing Day represents huge sales in terms of volumes, it doesn't necessarily translate into profits."
This was my third Boxing Day in Canada and have yet to participate in a Boxing Day sale, online or bricks-and-mortar, but the week is young.

In Whit Stillman's Metropolitan {the second reference to that film in a week}, the week between Christmas and New Years is Orgy Week.   DVDVerdict sums it up fairly accurately::
"After the debutante season ends at Christmas, the characters spend the week between that holiday and New Year's in what they sarcastically call 'orgy week.' Here, the tuxedos are ditched in favor of business casual, and the lengthy debates turn to more base subjects, including sex. No one's seen hopping in bed with each other, but it's certainly hinted at. What 'orgy week really provides is a feeling of change. On the DVD's commentary, Stillman claims 'orgy week' is symbolic of the changing attitudes among New York's youth from the late '60s into the early '70s. The formal debutante atmosphere slowly fades into the distance, and that causes the characters to drift apart. One of the girls starts dating someone new, another pursues a singing career, Nick hops on his train, and Fred wanders off when the alcohol runs out."
Back to Boxing Day.  It's a secular holiday, but not a Federal stat. holiday.  It is a provincial one in Ontario.  The origin of the name is still unclear and coincides with St. Stephens Day.  At one time, Boxing Day was a day given off to servants, with families eating buffet lunches and playing parlour games.  Here in ye olde Kingston, Ontario there was take and bake Loblaw's pizza and Rukshuk.

There's an Australian film of the same name and there's an Elvis Costello and the Attractions' song, "T.K.O. {Boxing Day}."  Here's a 1983 live performance of BBC's "The Tube," with a sweaty Elvis and a seemingly double-time performance::

Twitterversion:: The 26th. was #BoxingDay in Canada, kicking off #BoxingWeek, a week of retailer sales here in Canada.  @Prof_K

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