Monday, December 21, 2009

The Fireplace Channel

Update {6 December 2010}:: On the Rogers lineup in Toronto the Fireplace Channel is currently broadcasting on Channel 204.

Update {27 Nov 2010}:: I've noticed searches using terms like "Toronto Rogers Fireplace Channel" and to the best of my knowledge it was dropped in March or so. Here's my updatewhich includes  a link to lacklustre substitute. See videos below, as well.

Years ago, I remember in Whit Stillman's Metropolitan a reference to the yule log broadcast {with intro} on Christmas on one of the local NYC stations, WPIX.  Over the weekend, I found the Fireplace Channel on Rogers here in Toronto.  Here's Shaw's version in Edmonton::

and Calgary's virtual hearth::

Here's ten minutes of crackling goodness::

Twitterversion::  The #FireplaceChannel on Rogers Cable channel 175 in #Toronto. Link to fansite to original Yule Log programme on #WPIX-#NYC.  @Prof_K

Songs::  Madonna-"Burning Up" 12"

Lost in the Trees-"Fireplace"

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