Thursday, December 24, 2009

Five Francophone Indie Videos

Bonjour Brumaire-"Brooklyn"  From the solid album, De la Nature des Foules {2008}.  "Brooklyn" is a song that get's stuck in your head.  Get the MP3 {201 kbps} here for 15¢!

Malajube-"Porte Disparu" Montréal fave band of mine with anglophone crossover appeal because of their funk-laden sensibilities evoking the 70s.  Track was on Labyrinthes {2009}.  New ep, Contrôle {2009}, is out, avail here.  Video cast:: Le barbu: Charles Duval  La femme fatale: Larissa Corriveau  La femme forte: Isabèle Jacques Le colonel: Mario Arcand  Le jockey: Maxime Després  Les membres de Malajube

Monade-"Regarde"  Ethereal Marxist music that may evoke Stereolab.  Wait, it's fronted by Lætitia Sadier of Stereolab.  Track is from Monstre Comic {2008}.

Caracol-"Le Mépris"  Montréal folksy indie that evokes a prior decade.  Eastern Canada tour is forthcoming.  Song is from the album, L'Arbre aux parfums {2008}.

Kodiak-"Angle Mort"  Melodious rhythms & catchy hooks, with plenty of layers.   The track is on La Méchanique {2008}.

Twitterversion:: 5 francophone indie video finds for 2009, including @bonjourbrumaire, @malajubeMTL, Caracol, Kodiak, & Monade. @Prof_K

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