Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Night Videos:: Chad VanGaalen

Image:: Chad VanGaalen from his MySpace photo gallery.

Way back when, the town I grew up in had no cable.  There were no overhead wires, so a new cable franchise would have to dig up the streets.  So, watching music videos meant going to friends' houses or watching the few music video shows.  One of my favourites was "Goodnight LA," which was a local show on the ABC affiliate, KABC.  On "Goodnight LA," there was a better chance of seeing videos for "new wave" bands and the videos were "back announced" with a simple title screen, white courier font on a black background.    At the same time, "Friday Night Videos" aired, which was NBC's slick and corporate offering::

For the most part, I stuck with Goodnight LA.

OK, that was longer than I had hoped.  Every so often, I'll post a Friday night video.  Maybe I should call it "Goodnight, Toronto" or wherever I'm at.  Today's instalment has been on CJMT-Montréal's Indie video show.  Chad Vangaalen {MySpace} hails from Calgary and apparently is a bit of an artistic homebody.  Along with his music, he does visually interesting illustrations and animations.

This video is a total trip.  On YouTube, it says the video might not be suitable for minors.  I'd add "easily disturbed adults."  The lyrics are creepy and haunting {e.g., the chorus of "I'll/she'll find you and I'll/she'll kill you"}, while still drawing you in and the animation depicts violence and monstrous transformations.

"Clinically Dead" is a bouncier song, with the video offering up a series of morphings::

Here is an MP3 download via BrooklynVegan::  Willow Tree {on Sub*Pop} 

Twitterversion:: #ChadVanGaalen's eerie songs with his evocative animated videos kicks of #FridayNightVideos or #GoodnightToronto. @Prof_K

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