Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night Videos:: The Constantines & Peaches

The Constantines {MySpace, CBC Radio 3, Facebookwiki} have been called "art punk," which is an apt description.  Originally hailing from Guelph, they're currently based in Toronto and on the Arts & Crafts label.  They toured with the Weakerthans in 2005 and their 2001 eponymous release was nominated for a Juno in the best indie album.  The have two upcoming dates, one tonight::

  • 18 December 2009 :: London, ON @ Call the Office with Ladyhawk & Julie Doiron
  • 19 December 2009 :: Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace with Ladyhawk & Julie Doiron
Tonight's first selection is "Credit River" from the Kensington Heights album, which was released on 15 April 2008.  The economy was stumbling, but not quite in freefall then, so the song is quite prescient.  This blog quotes another who coined the term "economy rock."  This would be perfect for an NDP college tour.
We’re gonna live on Credit River/Gonna kiss up to the Great Misgiver/And we all will be delivered/Gonna live on Credit River

Live version at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY from 19 April 2008::

Here's another homespun video; this time of "Soon Enough" from the E-bar in Guelph on 18 January 2007::

I first heard Peaches {MySpace, blog, wiki} on San Francisco State college radio en route to visiting a colleague and friend, Jim Bracken, over in the Haight.  This was before her "Fuck the Pain Away" was immortalized in Lost in Translation.  The following by Waambat {Lindsay Scoggins} has got to be one of my favourite mashups, which uses it along with Miss Piggy footage::

"Downtown" is far from a Petula Clark cover and when I saw it, I thought the song and visuals had tongue-firmly-in-cheek with its campy homage to 80s new wave synthpop.  This track from the "Impeach My Bush" album played with the whole "sexy androgyny" thing long before Lady Gaga::

The album features a guest appearance by her old roommate, Feist.  I'm still waiting to see an all-out Feist/Peaches collaboration.  "1-2-3-4, boys wanna be her..."  Anyway, "Downtown" is a perfect song to get the weekend started.

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