Saturday, December 05, 2009

Froot Loops. It's a breakfast cereal! No, it's a snack! It's both!

OK, so I fully acknowledge that some of my food ideas might be a bit off, such as Doritos and milk. Recently, I was doing a bit of late-night shopping and spied Froot Loops. When I was a kid, my parents would buy Trix. Oh, that wacky Trix rabbit trying to sweet talk kids into giving him their Trix::

My parents would buy Trix not really as a cereal, but as a snack. The breakfast cereals in our house tended towards the healthy. I recall granolas and puffed wheat, millet, and corn, as well as Cheerios and occasionally Kix.

Well, I didn't see any Trix at the Metro {Dominion} and it looks like it's been discontinued in Canada. I did see Froot Loops and got a box. As an aside, I wasn't a huge fan of "Toucan Sam" for some reason. Maybe it was what I perceived to be his snooty accent {and non-wackiness}::

The last commercial used the term "Frutus Loopus" and I'm thought of a possible offering for Québec:: Froot Loups, a hybridized brand name with a wolf as spokescartoon. A-woooooooooooo!!!! Anyway.

Froot Loops {Kellogg's} tasted like I remember how Trix {General Mills} tasted. All of this got me thinking that sugary cereals should be marketed as a snack. The box I bought was 380g @$3.99 CAN. So, since there's already a precedent for 100 calorie packs of snacks, I created a mock-up of a "serving size" 27 gram {.95 ounces}/110 calorie "snack pack"::

So, each box contains 14 snack packs. Priced at $0.50, that's $7.00 per 380 grams, but the pack is bulky and the contents are fragile.  So, I think the above would be pretty much untenable. I've seen these in hotel "free continental breakfasts"::

and these mini-boxes are available on Amazon {customer reviews} and presumably at Costco::

Anyway, I still think the really sugary cereals could transition to the snack aisle/section, but the margins might be a bit tight, given the price-to-bulk ratio. In other words, the shelf-space they require, given the revenues, might be tough in the snack section. Although, Quaker has been making a go of the snack market with puffed rice cake offerings::

Twitterversion:: A trip to the grocery store reminded me of eating sugary cereal as a snack as a kid. Created a mock-up of a 100 cal. snack pack for #FrootLoops. @Prof_K
Song:: "Cereal Song" by Bicycle Thief

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