Friday, December 11, 2009

imeem in Limbo & Rethinking Cloud Computing

When I heard that MySpace took over imeem, I thought it was a good thing.  I must say I'm pulling for MySpace and hope it can reinvent itself as a social portal focused on entertainment media, rather than being just another a social networking site.  So, when MySpace bought imeem, I saw a huge opportunity to get users to interact and share around musical affinities, using the music itself and user geographies.  Well, I've used imeem quite a bit to add songs to my blog posts here and on the Contexts group blog, ThickCulture, so imagine my surprise when I saw the imeem player not showing up on my blogs and when I went to the site, the above screen showed up.  The scuttlebutt is that the player and the user playlists may return, but there are no promises.

NPR had an article on how this is an example of the dangers of cloud computing.  Here's a blog on how an IBM commercial tried to explain cloud computing to the masses.  The author, Sara Sarasohn, laments::
"If imeem was the way you kept track of music you felt strongly about, it might be lost to you forever. There's no obvious way of breaching the mile-high wall of MySpace to demand your imeem information back. You just have to wait patiently for Rupert Murdoch's underlings to open a door for you, or not."
This got me thinking of other could computing and social media sites I use that would cause me inconvenience if my data were poof, all of a sudden, gone.

  • Facebook= I'd live.
  • Twitter= Ditto, but more annoyed.
  • Yahoo Mail/Gmail = Ibid.
  • MySpace= I'd be peeved.  I use it to index bands I find interesting.
  • I'd be annoyed.
  • Blogger= Panic.
  • Flickr= Haven't really used it.
  • Vimeo= Haven't really used it, but plan to.
  • Tumblr= Ditto.
  • Picasa= Highly annoyed.
  • YouTube= Panic.
  • Lost interest over the summer.  Was using it to find new music, but found my interactions were just recycling the past.
  • Already ditched it for imeem.
So, this has got me thinking of my increased dependence on social media sites out of my control.

What I loved about imeem was the embeddable player.  There were formatting issues on Blogger that added line breaks, but the "library" was pretty good for my purposes.  Let's hope Grooveshark keeps on keeping on.

Twitterversion::  #imeem bought by #myspace, but playlists in limbo4now. Suddenly feel vulnerable because of dependency on #cloudcomputing.  @Prof_K

Song::  New Order-"Subculture" {John Robbie remix edit}

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