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newmusicmonday #21:: Jets Overhead

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This week's newmusicmonday is a Victoria, BC band, Jets Overhead {wikipedia, MySp, CBC Radio3, YouTube}.  They've been around since 2003 and have been on the cutting edge of  the "digital revolution," doing voluntary purchase and download long before Radiohead made it fashionable.  Currently, they're moving towards iTunes, but still believe in the power of free.  In fact, if you join their mailing list, you can download the title track to their 2009 sophomore album, "No Nations," in a multitude of formats for free here.  In a recent interview in Fazer during TIFF, Adam Kittredge and Antonia Freybe-Smith talked about the realities of the music industry.  Adam talked about how CDs are taking a back seat to licensing::
"Well, the truth is, is that the current state of music is that making money selling CDs doesn’t really happen anymore.  But making money-licensing songs to television shows is lucrative and helps bands to keep surviving.  The so-called sell-out days are now the only way."

They also deal with Creative Commons::
"It’s a simple concept really; it’s just like the property of people writing songs, or books for education or whatever.  If someone is just using it to share that information and not necessarily profit from that information, it seems a bit bizarre I think, to the majority of us that they should be persecuted for it.  You know, sued by a company or having a company come after them, wagging their finger saying you can’t do that.  I.E. Finding you made a home video of a dog dancing around and you throw a Bob Marley song on the video and suddenly Island Records or whoever owns that song comes along and says shut that down and takes that song off your beautiful video you made of your dog.  It’s just ridiculous, how is that hurting their income?...
 It gives somebody another sentimental association with that song that’s going to make them listen to that song more.  It’s a bit ridiculous.  That’s what Creative Commons is trying to alleviate.  So our new record No Nations, our idea is right now we’re just offering donations for the song.  Anyone can download and use it as long as their not pressing copies of it and selling it at the local Saturday market.  We’re planning on adding to that with instrumentals and that kind of thing where the fan will get excited and utilize parts of the song for their own projects or whatever."
I also love what Antonia said about live performances::
"The live show…it’s everything to us, it’s the reason we do it, really.  Obviously song writing together, making records together is really fun and great way to spend your time, but we love playing shows.  Showcases are weird, during the day but like I said, it’s good to play different types of shows and we just want to play as many shows as we can.  That’s what we want to do, we love it and you learn something new every time you do it and we get better every time we do it I think and hopefully we end up playing lots and lots of shows."

In the early 1990s, I always wanted to visit Victoria when I was in BC/western Washington state, but I never made it.  Now, when I think of Victoria and indie shows there, I get these odd visions of the geriatric set rocking out while leaning on their wheeled walkers and turning their hearing aids up to 11.  Anyway.

I've been seeing the video for "Heading for Nowhere" on CJNT-Montréal::

If you like prog rock, I think you'll like Jets Overhead.  Their music creates aural sounscapes that get where they want to go at their own pace.  You can listen to songs on the player on their site.  One of my fave songs of theirs is "Killing Time" is from their 2006 début album "Bridges"::

One of my fave tracks from their more recent material is Weathervanes {In the Way}::

Their next show {listings} will be on 21 December in Victoria at Save On Memorial Centre {with AFI and Tegan & Sara} and will be playing in Surrey, BC at the 2010 Winter Olympic Celebration Site on 13 February at 8PM.

Twitterversion:: Digital revolutionary prog. rockers @jetsoverhead use harmonies in the creation of a sonic atmosphere. Videos & clips. @Prof_K

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