Monday, December 21, 2009

newmusicmonday #22:: Valery Gore

Toronto's Valery Gore {MyS, CBC Radio 3, Twitter} is one of those artists you hope to find and share with everyone you know.  It's been a while since I've surfed CBC Radio 3 and I sifted through quite a few bands before I heard Valery and was floored that I liked so many of her songs on the player. Last year, she released her sophomore self-produced album, Avalanche to Wandering Bear, on the Do Right label.  Here's a link to a video where she talks about AtWB.
Valery grew up in Ridgeway, ON near Niagara Falls and has played piano since the age of eight, while playing classical and being exposed to her dad's 70s-90s rock collection.  Valery studied jazz at Humber College and what I find compelling is the layers in her arrangements of her songs with the use of woodwinds and horns and, not too surprisingly, she's an admirer of Jon Brion's work.  {I also read she likes Isabelle Antena, a French artist I was a big fan of in the late 80s and I still have a vinyl copy of Le Poisson des Mers du Sud.}    Her sound doesn't get abstract and she's able to maintain her rock sensibilities.  "Shoes of Glass" from AtWB received a bit of airplay with her complex lyrics and catchy hooks.  Here's a live performance from The Verge::

Here's the Kidstreet remix, which was the winning entry in a contest::

I expect we'll be hearing more of her, particularly given the fact that her music is being licensed and she's composing for independent film and TV.

Here's a video of her Studio Q performance of one of my favourite songs of her's, "Worried Head," with her band from early in the year::

Save the date.  She's playing at the Rivoli in Toronto on 8 January 2010 with Eddie Orso.  Oh, and listen closely.  Some say she sounds like Feist, but I find her voice having a difference intonations and inflections entirely.

Twitterversion::  #Newmusicmonday star is #TorontoIndie artist @valerygore fusion w/solid indie sensibilities. Live@ Rivoli #Toronto—8Jan. @Prof_K

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