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newmusicmonday #23:: Owen Pallett f.k.a. Final Fantasy

image::  photo of Owen Pallett from tomlab on the Torontoist {2007}

Owen Pallett {MySpace, CBC Radio 3, LalaWiki} until very recently, went by Final Fantasy, a name he is voluntarily retiring.  A Toronto violinist and composer, he's also done quite a bit of remixing and has a history of collaborating with the likes of Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste, Beirut, Deep Dark United, Jim Guthrie, The Hidden Cameras, Royal City, The Vinyl Cafe, Gentleman Reg, and Arcade Fire.

Pallett won the inaugural Polaris Music Prize in 2006 for his sophomore album, He Poos Clouds, and his long-awaited follow-up, Heartland {details from Pitchfork}, is being released on 11 January 2010.   Here's two tracks via Pitchfork from the forthcoming album, "Lewis Takes Action"::

and "Midnight Directives"::

He'll be touring in January and February, which kicks-off with a sold-out CD release party for Heartland {Domino Records} at the Mod Club in Toronto on 12 January 2010.  The full list of dates are here and here are some selected dates::

  • San Francisco:: 14 January 2010, Bottom of the Hill
  • NYC:: 18 January, Bowery Ballroom
  • Guelph, ON, 6 February, Hillside Inside
  • Montréal, PQ, 20 February, Théâtre Outremont
  • Hamilton, ON, 27 February, Lincoln Alexander Centre

While many an indie act see licensing their music as merely a path to cash and exposure, Owen seems to transcend this.  When his "adventure.exe" was used in Orange {mobile phone carrier} commercials in the UK, due to a mixup with his label {Tomlab}, he donated the income to Doctors Without Borders/Médicins Sans Frontières {Canada} {USA website}.  A year later in 2007, when his "This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine" was used without permission in a commercial for Wiener Stadtwerke, Pallett and his booking agent approached the company requesting sponsorship of a music festival, in lieu of litigation.  The result was the Maximum Black Festival.  

Here's a video for the track, "He Poos Clouds"::

and covers of OMD from their 1983 album Dazzle Ships::

Selected tracks are on the Groovehark, including the cover of Björk's "Possibly Maybe" with Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear.

Finally, make sure to catch Owen on Twitter.  He's often funnier than many writers like Diablo Cody.
Workt all day and my eyes are as dry as a Swedish sandwich.

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"Insert coins for more health" really rang true for me today
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La Roux needs a La Botomy.

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