Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Web 2.0 Wayback Machine :: Recipes During Wartime

I saw on Twitter that the Nova Scotia Archives had an account.  A recent tweet had links to scanned images from World War II recipe books, which I perused.  The above image is from a 1940 cookbook, which includes recipes from Princess Alice.  Most of the recipes are skimpy on the details, but I get a feeling that people in those days had much more tacit knowledge of cooking, so recipes didn't have to be as explicit.  The recipes called for precise measures, as opposed to subjective measures like "knobs" of butter, but sometimes oven temperatures were along the lines of "medium."

This recipe caught my eye::

Last summer I was in Osoyoos, BC and had Linnyqat's nana's meat pies along with a homemade pickle relish everyone was going nuts over.  This recipe seems close, but I think it's a little different.  Maybe we'll get a definitive answer in the comments.

The $1 price seems trivial, but it was actually a chunk of change.  Using the Bank of Canada inflation calculator, it's the equivalent of $14.22 in 2009 dollars.  What were the proceeds for?

I'm finding my reference points in history are slightly off in Canada.  Britain was involved in the war in 1939, which meant Canada was in the war.

On another note, this got me thinking of music from that era.  My knowledge of music from the 1940s is nonexistent.  I saw some titles from the year 1940 and the only one that looked vaguely familiar was "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square."  It was originally performed in a show, New Faces, by Judy Campbell, who was Jane Birkin's mother.  Jane and Serge Gainsbourg had a daughter, Charlotte, who has a music and acting career.  {I loved her in La Science des Rêves and wanted to see her in Antichrist}.   I couldn't find Judy's version, but I could find Glen Miller's version, which was from 1940.

Twitterversion::  #Web2_0WaybackMachine @NS_Archives tweeted about scanned WWII recipes from #Halifax.  @Prof_K

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