Saturday, January 23, 2010

80s Bittersweet Flashback Playlist

Image:: "God and man, no confessions. God and man, no religion. God and man, don't believe in modern love", taken January 2010. Kenneth M. Kambara

I really can't go into the details here of why I compiled this, but it was my version of a playlist meant to cheer someone up going through an emotional rough patch.  

The only song missing is The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy's "Get It Wrong", which is a travesty.  I have this on vinyl in California. Here's  the lyrics::

I keep getting letters about divorces.
Just like cowboys changing horses, people use each other up and leave.
One mistake and it all turns bitchy,
listening to records by Lionel Ritchie.
I'm not sure if he deserves it or even if they do.
Jealousy is just messed up pride, it only twists you up inside.
We don't feel it, we don't need it.

Let's get it wrong.
Let's get it wrong. Get it wrong.
Let's get it wrong.
Let's get it wrong. Let's get it wrong.
I never get anything right with you girl.
And the fact that you are married
Only carries things to ludicrous extremes.
We go to places no one goes, looking for faces that we know.
We know that they don't deserve it, I wonder if we do.
Coz we're not hurting anyone, so come on darlin', let's get it wrong.
We don't feel it, we both need it.

So come on..
I don't care if it is just like the movies,
You make mistakes impossibly groovy.

Why don't you? Why don't you?
They say we've got no moral fibre.
Aw but I'm sick and tired of that Special K
To eat for breakfast anyway.
So come on darlin', let's get it wrong.
The way I'm feeling it won't take long.
We don't know what happens next, but girl who cares?
If I could just remember what you said
We could be getting it wrong on the hotel bed.
But we don't need it.
But we don't feel it.

So come on..


Twitterversion:: 80s Bittersweet flashback playlist. Jam, EnglishBeat, Naked Eyes, Smiths, Sparks, Men at Work, Spandau Ballet, Madness...

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