Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Moose at Cow Bay

Last month, I saw a repeat of a 2006 Trailer Park Boys episode {S06, E06, "Gimme My Fuckin' Money or Randy's Dead"} which featured the Moose.  The Moose {1959} was designed by Winston Bronnum who designed many a sculpture, including the Shediac Lobster in New Brunswick, near Moncton.

Upon my researching on the Moose, I found out that the beach at Cow Beach was depleted of sand used for construction.  The nearby beach is called Silver Sands and I found the following on my search for more Moose info.::
"The beach was made up of fine white sand and extended from where the moose stands today to Hartlen's Point.
There was a canteen and dance hall in an area fringed by trees and accessible from the road. Many statues of animals sculpted by Winston Bronnum were found near the pond and roadway and children loved to play on them. The only one left is our famous Cow Bay Moose. Most of this area is now under water, the trees are gone.
Sand was hauled away for construction and the beach was destroyed. The provincial government, prompted by the destruction of Silver Sands and other beaches, passed laws preventing the removal of beach materials."
Here's Silver Sands in the 1950s::

In the Trailer Park Boys episode, I noticed that the shore was rocky, although I've seen people comment on Facebook that the sand is coming back.

Here's the TPB segment with the Moose::

Links to the three parts of the episode:: 1, 2, & 3.

Twitterversion:: TrailerParkBoys episode fr.'06 features moose sculpture by Winston Bronnum @ Cow Bay, NovaScotia. Link to Shediac lobster  @Prof_K

Song:: Wintersleep {Halifax}-"Archaeology"

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