Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newmusicmonday #25:: The Gertrudes

Another quick post, as I'm working on several deadlines.  This week's newmusicmonday is The Gertrudes {MySpace, CBC Radio 3} from Kingston, Ontario on AppleCrisp Records.  I'd use the term "blue state folk" to describe the "supergroup's" sound, which probably loses a lot in the translation up here in Canada.  I'm really a sucker for horns, but what I really like about their sound is their ability to use a multitude in their arrangements and make it work.

I'm hoping to catch them live one of these days and maybe coordinate a trip to Kingston around one of their shows.

MP3:: The Gertrudes - The River

MP3:: The Gertrudes - Hard Water (Live @ the Queen St. Church)

Twitterversion::  This week's #newmusicmonday is @thegertrudes from Kingston, Ontario on @applecrispmusic.  Vids&Clips. @Prof_K

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