Monday, January 18, 2010

Newmusicmonday #26:: Codeine Velvet Club

Image:: Lawler & Hickey, from The Guardian by Jay Brooks.

This week's newmusicmonday is thanks to my friend Nance in Westchester {NY}.  Codeine Velvet Club {MySpace, Wiki} is a Scot band consisting of Lou Hickey {lead vocals}, Jon Lawler {AKA Jon Fratelli of The Fratellis} {vocals, guitar}, Ross MacFarlane {drums}, Will Foster {keyboards, guitars}, and Lewis Gordon {bass}.

They have an eponymous album that was released on 28 December 2009 {amazon.canada} and the single, Hollywood is utterly catchy.

Their sound channels '60s orchestrations with plenty of hooks and a twinge of somberness.  I also like a band with a flair for the dramatic, in a good way.

There's something about Scot artists that strikes my fancy and I won't admit to how many of The Scotsman's list of the top 100 Scottish pop and rock albums I own.

Twitterversion:: This week's #newmusicmonday is @codeinevelvetcb {hattip::Nance}. Lou Hickey+J.Lawler of Fratellis+orchestra+grt pop hooks.

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