Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toronto Subway Station Designs :: Yonge Spadina Extension

The Torontoist has been following the TTC's progress on the designs of the subway stations on the Yonge Spadina Extension out towards York University and beyond.  Here's a quick compilation of what is planned & my nicknames, heading out from Downsview::

Sheppard West [PDF]
"Putt-Putt Mini Golf"

Finch West [PDF-meeting 20 January 2009]
"AGO & ROM Are Having a Baby"

York University [PDF]
"Air Hockey Goal!"

Steeles West [PDF]
"Twin Snouts"

Highway 407 [PDF]
"Redacted" or "WMD"

Vaughan Corporate Centre [PDF]
"The Dry Weave"

Twitterversion::  @torontoist covering designs for #TTC's Yonge Spadina Extension. Designs compiled & nicknames given. #Toronto @Prof_K


Officer Mazaltoff said...

I can't wait to play a round of mini golf at the Sheppard Station! I have to say, these stations look a lot better than the ones we got for the recently completed Canada Line out in Vancouver. They all seem cold and devoid of any kind of character. Much like the other two lines.

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

OM:: Hey, have you seen the Brentwood station?:: http://mic-ro.com/metro/metrocity.html?city=Vancouver It looks vaguely dirty.

Here's a link that may be of interest. Also, here's the Sky Train chimes.

Officer Mazaltoff said...

Vaguely dirty? It looks downright pornographic.

Have you heard "The City You Live in is Ugly" by Young and Sexy? The song begins with the skytrain chimes, followed by the train pulling out.
A friend of mine was going to make a techno song back in the late 90s using the station ID announcements. Sadly, he never got around to it. He was going to use some beatmaking game I had for the PSone.