Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Twitterspace Meets Twitterplace

Just noticed Twitter has a local trending topic option for selected countries and cities and here's what the Twitter blog had to say. In December, Twitter bought Mixer Labs, which provided services for developers wanting their offerings location-aware.  The ability to find out what is being said and where it's being said with granularity can help increase relevance for social media. I'm interested in how geolocation can be used in social networks and I don't mean Facebook, but that's for another time.

Toronto didn't make the cut, but I saw São Paulo did, one of only two non-US cities on the city list thus far. The other one is London. As of 8-9AM EST, looks like everybody is buzzing about the iTablet.


San Francisco



Twitterversion:: Twitter offers trending topics for selected countries and cities. Geolocation offers the "where" in addition to the "what" of tweets. @Prof_K

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