Thursday, February 25, 2010

BBC 2010 Winter Olympic Promo

I've been watching ads on the CTV consortium's coverage of the Olympics and was going to do a blog post on the commercials, which haven't been too exciting. I will say I find the Chevrolet ads with the talking cars to be rather annoying. The above ad is a BBC promo for the Olympics by RKCR/Y&R. There are no athletes, but a rather dark animated narrative featuring depictions of the sports through an ad-hoc Inuit adventure.

The animation is striking and well-executed, but it's taking the Canadian literary theme of "man versus nature" to the max. Commentors on YouTube mentioned that "Vancouver isn't that scary" and that the adverts scared their kids. There appears to be a theme with the BBC with tapping into themes of local folklore with its Olympic advertising, as evident in its "Journey to the West"-based promo for the 2008 Beijing games::

Twitterversion:: Great animation for BBC Winter Olympics promo depicts sports, not stars. Inuit adventure takes walk on the dark side. @Prof_K

Song:: David Bowie-"Scary Monsters {and Super Creeps}"

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Monika said...

No doubt that these commercials are the backbone of the Winter Olympics . I enjoy everything of this winter Olympics in my Dish TV .