Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clooney & Weisz—Separated at Birth? :: Image-based Search on Picollator

Image:: Picollator results for George Clooney image

I was doing research on where image-based search was these days and decided to test Picollator. The site indexes human facial images and allows searches by uploading an image, with or without text. My first search was a photo of Obama. Picollator did a great job of finding duplicates of that image, as well as other images based on the original.

I found a clean shaven image of George Clooney & did another search. Rachel Weisz! {See Above} It reminded me of that Spy! magazine feature, "Separated at birth". I miss Spy!, by the way.

I was hoping the state of the technology would be further along, but there was be stealth work under the radar. There's a lot of emphasis on faces, which may be driven by security applications. Canadian passport photos require no smiling, as smiles {and angles} creates more problems for facial recognition software. Picollator is family friendly, so risqué images are out {cannot upload} and ostensibly not indexed. Unless they're planning on a different site to that market—Pornollator? In fact, there are IT companies specializing in identifying specific types of image content, in case you're either seeking or blocking it. I love the title of the linked page & the header, "Detect A**hole." 

My thoughts are a standardized way to digitally describe an image based on certain characteristics, in terms of composition, contrast, etc., and having crawlers index the world's image content based on this metadata. This would go a long way to enable Web 3.0+ applications, allowing users to search without textual context and machine-to-machine usages. Just don't tell John or Sarah Connor.

I found this video on YouTube from a few years back, where a sketch based on a dream was used to see if such a person existed::

Twitterversion::  Clooney & Weisz—Separated at Birth? Picollator's image-based search foreshadowing Web 3.0+. http://url.ie/53b9  @Prof_K

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