Friday, February 05, 2010

Colbert Challenge :: Meme Prankstering

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I have actually been turning the channel after the Daily Show lately, as I grow tired of Stephen Colbert's schtick. Last night, I was working late so I saw the BC feed.  Colbert reported that the Canadian magazine, The Beaver, changed it's name to Canada's History because it was getting blocked by school filters. I had a vision of Geena Davis à la Thelma & Louise on the editorial board.

Here's a decent overview of the bit.  He thought it silly, so he offered this as the true definition of Canada's history::

“Canada’s history: A depraved American sexual act involving moose antlers, maple syrup, and the Stanley Cup.”

and challenges his audience to go onto Urban Dictionary and put forth entries that describe the term as a "euphemism for a sex act so depraved one can’t describe it on TV."

Sure enough, the audience came through, but if Colbert really wants to tear viewers away from Dave Letterman, he should hire this guy in Windsor, Ontario. Here's the most popular entry thus far {5 February, 4:17PM EST}::

"A sexual act so depraved it cannot be explained on television.

First, take the Stanley Cup and fill it to the brim with maple syrup, then cut the antlers off of a moose (preferably live) and dip the ends into the maple syrup, then, while two women perform a sixty-nine on each other, you insert the moose antlers into their rectums and stand over them, masturbating and singing "God Save the Queen," being sure to end every phrase with "Eh?"

Hey man, did you hear how Stephen Colbert Canada's History-ed Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann? Apparently they couldn't talk without shitting themselves for a full week!"

One of the entries referred to the Oxford comma, which made me think of a Vampire Weekend song and their Wes Andersonesque video for it. Not to be too much of a jerk, but I think hell just may resemble being stuck in close quarters with Colbert, Wes Anderson, and Vampire Weekend—while a New Yorker reporter covers the confluence. I keed, I keed.

Twitterversion:: Grammy gloating Stephen Colbert serves up Urban Dictionary prank at the expense of The Beaver/Canadian History. @Prof_K

Song:: Vampire Weekend-"Oxford Comma"

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