Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Night Videos :: 90s Edition w/ Kirsty MacColl, Lloyd Cole, Saint Etienne

Three from the '90-92 era, which may be familiar to regular readers of this blog.  I played Kirsty MacColl's Kite to death on a summer 1990 roadtrip up coastal California that eventually ended in Vancouver, BC. I still love "Free World" [lyrics], which has Johnny Marr ex of The Smiths on guitar. I seem to recall painting my room deep blue green that summer, which also makes me think of this song, as well as Matthew Sweet for some reason.

"I thought of you when they closed down the school
And the hospital too
Did they think that you were better?
They were wrong
You had so many friends
They all left you in the end
'Cause they couldn't take the patter"

One of my favourite CDs from 1992 was Lloyd Cole's "Don't Get Weird on Me Babe" [lyrics] and I loved the song, "She's a Girl and I'm a Man".  Most women I knew hated this song, but I'm not sure if they listened closely to the lyrics. The chorus of "She's got to be the stupidest girl I've ever seen...She's a girl and I'm a man."

Sure, the guy's a knucklehead, but the last verse sums it all up::

"Every time she's near me
She gives me a new reason to be alive
To try to get right
She looks right through me

She says you're not cool, you're just like me
You're a stupid man
Get over here, hold my stupid hand
She's all right..."

It's spooky seeing both Dave Letterman and Lloyd Cole looking so young. I remember seeing this and being amazed that Lloyd was on Letterman. This was the latter's network TV début.

Saint Etienne was a fave from 1991 and I listened to Foxbase Alpha quite a bit. Their cover of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" with a synthpop beat somehow works—at least for me. 

"When you were young and on your own
How did it feel to be alone?
I was always thinking of games that I was playing.
Trying to make the best of my time."

I love this video, with the B&W portions evocative of French new wave and dare I say a hit of the film Repulsion. The video is a foil to about another video from this album I've blogged about, "Nothing Can Stop Us Now", full of colour and feelgood hedonistic sexiness. 

Bonus::  I found the original video for saint Etienne's "Nothing Can Stop Us Now".  On my other blog post was the remix, which I like a lot more, in terms of the cinematography.

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