Thursday, February 25, 2010

Google Street View :: Behind the Scenes—Sort Of

This video, via a BlogTO article on the use of Google Steet view in art, embedded on this Google page,  explaining the process of turning digital images into the panoramas.

I recall hearing about the cam cars combing the streets of Toronto last summer and one of them caught the construction madness at the Rhizomicon studios at "30 Gloc"::

I found it interesting how Google represents the process, which reminds me of the "Animating Hank & Dean" video from the Venture Brothers producers::

While Google tries to show it cares about privacy, long after the horse has left that barn, I find all of this "data of surveillance" to be interesting. Physical addresses can be seen by all—including bosses, prospective employers, sworn enemies, stalkers, and the Guild of Calamitous Intent. I'm not sure how precisely this will change society over the long haul {I think much of the impact remains to be seen}, but I'm reminded of a H-P talk back in the mid-90s about "Internet appliances" and how everything in the future, even refrigerators and toasters, will have an IP address. I'm thinking of blogging in detail about how Google Street View relates to Foucault and Bentham panoptic visions on ThickCulture. We are all seen, but how much can the individual see in this power dynamic? In other words, while everyone is under the "eye", it has a differential impact depending who you are, as those without power {in any sense of the word} have more stakes in being watched.

Twitterversion:: #Google offers shiny happy video on privacy & Google Street View. Thoughts on this & big picture power dynamics. @Prof_K

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