Friday, February 19, 2010

Music & the Ad:: Minnutes & Target

This Target ad from last month is interesting on several fronts. It has indie music in the background, something they have been doing here and there for a while. Back in 2005, they used The Concretes, which I've blogged about. This time, it's the Brooklyn-based Minnutes {MySp, FB,} and their song "More to Love" in the background. There's a narrative with how brands bought at Target fits into a mom's life, along with price promotions, which is a hard sell on the value::

I think this is a creative execution, which I think works for the target audience. I would have worked a bit more on the mom narrative and even worked on creating a storyline over time with sequences of the ads.

Minnutes isn't overhyping their exposure from the Target ads on their site or on social media and even have a sense of humour about how "More to Love" is used as the "on-hold" music on the Target toll-free line::

I actually wish corporations would license several songs from an artist for their phone queue music and musak. An ex of mine has to listen to Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" ad nauseum while calling United Airlines' customer service. 

Twitterversion:: #MusicAndTheAd featuring Brooklyn-based Minnutes for Target. Creative execution weaving indie, narrative, & pricing. @Prof_K

Song:: "More to Luv"

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