Monday, February 08, 2010

newmusicmonday #29:: The Ghost Is Dancing

Image:: The Ghost Is Dancing, from MySpace page

This week's newmusicmonday will have to be short, as I have a ton to do today. This week's selection is a CBC Radio 3 find, the Torontonian The Ghost Is Dancing-MySpace {YouTube, last.fmWikipedia}. Fans of Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, and BSS will be able to hear their influence, and I hear more than a bit of 90s indie pop and a hit of early New Order electronica. In my opinion, the band sounds their best when the vocals are more subdued.  There are quite a few tracks on the CBC Radio 3 page, linked above.

Here are a two videos from the band's YouTube channel. "This Thunder" is an homage to the band's favourite New Wave films and was shot at various locales around Toronto.

 This video is for "Without Friends," from the 2008 album, Battles On::

On the player below are a few of my favourite songs. "Battles On" and "To French Avenue" are great songs, while I love the lyrics to "Dream of a Failed Architect" and "Greatlakescape." There are no upcoming tour dates, but their catalogue is available on Sonicunyon.

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