Monday, February 22, 2010

newmusicmonday #31 :: The Februarys

image:: album art for last autumn's "We'll Find Our Own Way Home"

This week's newmusicmonday features The Februarys {CBC R3, Last.fmFacebook} from Vancouver, BC. Compared to Wilco and Radiohead, The Februaries wear their hearts on their sleeves without veering into emo territory. While their newer stuff is likely to find a larger audience, with its production and pop hooks, I'm drawn to the bands older tracks and I'm curious to see them live. Their older tracks are streamed on CBC-Radio 3 {"Invisibility As a Disability", "Meant for Each Other", "Charismatica" & "Where the Wind Blows"} and their newer stuff {"Rock & Roll's Enemy", "In Your Hands", "Elementary Song", & "Time Is Never On Your Side"} is on MySpace.

Here's a 2009 video for "Rock & Roll's Enemy", which is on their latest album, "We'll Find Our Own Way Home"::

One of my favourite tracks is "Meant for Each Other" {see below} featuring Toronto-based LIGHTS, which was on the 2006 EP, 'All the Time in the World'. Here's a live rendition sans LIGHTS::

This short clip has really poor sound, but it's The Febs doing a cover of Tom Cochrane's "Life Is a Highway", which was one of the ubiquitous pop songs that kept me company in the summer of '92 crossing the country on Trans-Can::

Their début EP 'Wait' is available on Scratch Records, while the singles, "Rock & Roll's Enemy" and "Elementary Song", are available on iTunes Canada. Currently, The Febs are on Wax Records and available in the US through ThinkIndie.

"Meant for Each Other" featuring LIGHTS::

"Home is Where the Heartache Is" featuring LIGHTS::

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