Friday, February 12, 2010

To Catch a Predator :: Vancouver 2010 Edition

A Tweet by TwittsMcGee tipped me off to a Telegraph article reporting how a Polish newspaper used an image of the 4chan memestar "pedobear" inserted with the Olympic mascots {below, far right}, not realizing it was an artist's prank.

Ah, the Internet, where Google Image searches cannot be trusted to be hoax free.  This reminds me of when the Irish sociology student posted a fake quote on Wikipedia and journalists wound up using it. Rumour has it that Chris Hansen of NBC Infotainment is following up on what precautions parents in Whistler and Vancouver should take. Expect a special report during NBC Olympics coverage—and watch, they desperately need the ratings.

Twitterversion:: Tweet by @TwittsMcGee re: the newest Olympic mascot straight outta 4chan! @Prof_K

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