Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cool Conservatives?

Image:: "It's cool to be conservative," from The Huffington Post

Call it an overt cash-grab, but can you really blame someone trying to cash in on...conservatism. From a marketing point of view, I'm not convinced this is the way to go. First, if you make the claim of being "cool", you're not. I don't make up the rules, but it's not how cool works, culturally or socially. Second, the designs on CoolConservativeGear.com aren't cool and are reminiscent of CafePress DIY-isms. Here's a video of an interview with the founders.

Is this a bad idea, i.e., marketing to conservatives? Not at all. I think there needs to be more of an appeal to an idealized notion of a conservative lifestyle, emphasizing values and a more creative branding strategy. This got me thinking of sociologist Pierre Bourdieu's work on the mapping taste in France::

One could use Bourdieu to do quick and dirty estimation of where things {objects}, demographics, and values {such as conservatism} converge. This would inform how to brand in a way that resonates with conservatives and I would make the segmentation distinction between libertarians and social conservatives. 

Twitterversion:: Coolconservativegear has a clothing aimed at FoxNews crowd, but evokes blahness of the worst of Cafepress. FUBU it ain't.  @ProfK

Song:: Squeeze-'Cool for Cats'

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